WWI Models
by Neil Eddy

This page is the main page for images of models built by Neil Eddy . Each thumbnail will take you to a separate page with several images of that model. Some pages will have images of several different models. For more information, Neil can be contacted via E-mail at: se5a@iprimus.com.au . His comments follow:

After much experimentation with a 35mm camera, here is a collection of photos of some of my more presentable models. I returned to modeling a little over a year ago and each model is a learning experience with new challenges for me. Each on e has been a lot of fun and I look forward to many more. I would like to thank all my fellow Listees who either directly assisted me with advice, or who helped indirectly through the constant stream of useful discussion on all sorts of mod eling topics.... Thanks Guys!

Allied Aircraft
Central Powers Aircraft

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