Central Powers Aircraft
by Neil Eddy

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Albatros D.V

Eduard 1/72 Albatros DV
This is the most recent model in my gallery. I think it's my favourite! Decals are out of the box and depicts the aircraft of an unknown aviator from Jasta 12.

Fokker D.VII

Revell 1/72 Fokker DVII
My first model since 1982. As a result I have a soft spot for this particular model. This model was made completely out of the box with no improvements as befits a first model. It is painted in the almost ubiquitous markings of Rudolph Berthold - complete with a un-Rudolph like pilot!

Hansa-Brandenburg W.29

Toko Hansa-Brandenburg W.29
This is a relatively early model in my career. Basically built out of the box with a touch of cockpit detail. This is the first of a number of planned seaplane builds...

LFG Roland D.VIb

Pegasus 1/72 LFG Roland DVIb
Two firsts for me with this kit - my first 'short run' kit and my first attempt at a wood grain finish. Decals are out of box plus Pegasus (Upper and Lower) Five Colour Lozenge.

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