Allied Aircraft
by Neil Eddy

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Anatra Ansal

Red Star 1/72 Anatra Anasal
Basically, a fun build that went together really well. This one was built before I learnt the joys of rigging biplanes. Kit is basically out of the box except f or the machine gun out of the spares box. The Colour scheme is borrowed from Ste ve Schofield as the kit had little or no painting instructions.

Bleriot XI

Eastern Express 1/72 Bleriot XI
Another fun build, this model is built straight out of the box. Favourite memory - Spending a week just cleaning flash off almost every part in the kit!

Nieuport 17

Esci 1/72 Nieuport XVII
Another early one built straight of the box. First attempt at silver doped fabri c. Markings are the kit's and represent Charles Nungessor.


SMER 1/48 Scale SE5a (Hispano-Suiza)
The SE5a is without a doubt my favourite aircraft of the First World War. Basica lly built out of the box with some additions, such as a scratch built Aldis Sigh t, and some interior details added. Stay tuned for further (better) SE5a's on th e way!

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