Fokker Dr1
by Eric Gallaud

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Kit: Hawkeye Design (1:72)

This is the Hawkeye Design Fokker Dr1, 1/72 and in resin. The fuselage is molded in one part. A fret of photoetched elements is provided. The kit comes without decal.

The building process is pretty straightforward. The notice is well done. One minus, the 2 interplane struts : they are very basic and fragile. I didn't use the cabane struts provided in PE but did my own.

The colour and marking are those of Ltn. Arthur Rahn, Jasta 19, Fokker Dr1 433/17. The decals come from the Superscale N72-665. For the camo, I used MisterKit paints. For the first time, I tested the Klir product (our local Future) on the propeller. It is very useful and gives a nice shine.

Thank you to Matt Bitner who sold this kit to me.

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