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Out of print Airfix 1/72 Scale Kits

Airfix has stopped the production of it's 1/72 WW1 aircraft kits. Please write them to ask them to re-release this line of kits.

Airfix's address:

Mrs.Wilkinson (she's in charge of this stuff etc.)
Customers Administrative Manager
Humbrol Ltd.
Marfleet, Hull

Out of print ESCI 1/72 Kits

I am trying to start a letter writing campaign to convince ERTL to produce the WWI airplanes that ESCI used to produce but are now out of print. I'm sure ERTL has access to the tooling for these kits and just needs an 'excuse' to fire up the presses on them. I'm hoping that this will be the 'excuse'.

Please join me in writing ERTL at:
The ERTL Company
Highways 136 & 20
P.O. Box 500
Dyersville, IA 82040

Please request that they re-issue the WWI aircraft that ESCI used to produce. Kits in the line include: Spad XIII, Sopwith Camel and most importantly, Se5a, Nieuport 17c and Albatros D-III. The last three kits are now not in print by any manufacturer and are staple WWI aircraft!

Out of print Revell 1/72 Kits

Revell revived their WWI line a year or two ago by re-releasing the Nieuport 28 and Spad 13 to join their Dr-I and Sopwith Camel. I would like to start a letter writing campaign to encourage them to continue releasing their 1/72 scale WWI past offerings. They have tooling for the following models that are now out-of-print: Fokker E-III, Airco DH-2, Morane Saulnier N, Albatros D-III and Sopwith Triplane. If anyone has the address please send it to me. Currently all the WWI models are coming out of Revell Germany so I guess we should write to the address below:

Please join me in writing Revell at:
Revell AG
Henschelstrasse 20
D-32257 Bunde
Or, E-mail them at:
Or, check out their web site at:
Thanks for your time,
Allan Wright

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