[WWI] Yellow Pfalzes

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Mar 31 20:02:49 EDT 2020

Just to keep the pot stirred...

I think it happened much as Diego said, but when Voss had the Oberusel 
engine replaced with a captured LeRhone, the cowl came off and may well 
have been painted Jasta 10 yellow at that time. That's my suggestion 
that both sides of the argument were correct at a given point in time.

Now someone needs to come up with a date the engines were swapped, (soon 
after or before delivery to Voss at Jasta 10), that precludes what I 
suggested from having happened.


On 3/31/2020 7:09 PM, MIKE VICE wrote:
> Diego,
>      I was just having a little fun--and puece (puce?) was the first 
> ugly color to come to mind that has never been part of the /ad nauseum 
> /argument about Voss's cowl.  The comments about yellow markings on 
> Jasta 10 Pfalzes is correct, however.
>      But, since you brought up the argument for green, I've always 
> thought it likelier than yellow, partially since Voss didn't have his 
> triplane very long before his demise.
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