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Funny, I looked at that tube on the side of the fuselage and figured it was a fire extinguisher.  It looks like it has a small nozzle at the front end and a T-handle at the back.  I do think that attaching a fire extinguisher to the *outside* of an aircraft seems like a strange idea to me, but then again I'm not a test pilot!   : )

I think adding what-ever-it-is to the model would make for a nice extra detail.

Patrick C.

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Also, continuing on what’s turned into extended ramble, the Wolf postcard shows a gizmo attached to the underside of the starboard wing with a tube running inboard along the leading edge to the strut attachment point, which seems to be similar to a Toussaint-Lepère recording airspeed meter. Which would make sense on an aircraft being used to generate data for a USAAC Informational Circular. And the cylinder bolted to the side of the fuselage *could* be the V3C Venturi for a Pioneer Flight Indication system, which was used for holding the a/c level over distances (for aerial photography, or in this instance time/distance runs).


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