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Great profile, Bob! As someone who knows about a thousand times more about photo-interpretation than me, I’d be interested to know your opinion of the attached. It’s based on the photo from the Ted Wolf collection that Mr T posted to the List Photo Archives back in ‘03 (which is mis-labeled as a D.VII on the contents web page, BTW).

My collage has a similar front 3/4 view of a D.VIII in full lozenge (swiped from Peter Grosz’s article in Air Enthusiast 17); the Wolf McCook Field postcard image “light blasted”; the latter overlaid with what I’m seeing as the edges of individual lozenges sketched in in red.


To me it shows the lozenge showing through a coat of olive nitrocellulose dope. But maybe I’m like those people who look at photos of boat wakes and see the Loch Ness Monster.

Also, continuing on what’s turned into extended ramble, the Wolf postcard shows a gizmo attached to the underside of the starboard wing with a tube running inboard along the leading edge to the strut attachment point, which seems to be similar to a Toussaint-Lepère recording airspeed meter. Which would make sense on an aircraft being used to generate data for a USAAC Informational Circular. And the cylinder bolted to the side of the fuselage *could* be the V3C Venturi for a Pioneer Flight Indication system, which was used for holding the a/c level over distances (for aerial photography, or in this instance time/distance runs).


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