[WWI] Pfalzes' Yellow Noses

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Tue Mar 31 10:24:37 EDT 2020

There's a book (which I haven't read) about Werner Voss and the pilots of
Jasta 10 by Thomas Crean. Personally, and for the sake of speaking without
really knowing, I guess that the photo shows us a GREEN ex-factory cowl
with a kite face painted in white. It's just a choice of what's more likely
and less of a stretch of imagination here: Herr Timm got a small pot of
white paint (the same they used for tweaking the Iron Cross marking
outlines) and copied the design from a sketch or a magazine as directed by
old Werner. No need to get the cowl out of the aircraft, no need to give
several coats of yellow paint to a dark painted cowl (in 1:1 scale yellow
paint doesn't cover as well as in scale). A simple job: paint that face on
my airplane. Done in half an hour and ready to fly.

On Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 1:27 PM MIKE VICE <jmikl2957 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Charlie,
>      That yellow was likelier to be because Jasta 10, the first unit to
> transition to the Pfalz, used yellow on their noses and cabane struts,
> sometimes including also the interplanes.  And, to incite (excite?) an old
> argument, does anyone recall that Voss was a prominent member of Jasta 10?
> But, as we all know, his cowl was not yellow but puece...
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