[WWI] D.VIII wing insignia.

Patrick Cook FesterCook at msn.com
Tue Mar 31 07:59:09 EDT 2020

Thanks for the reply!  I did not know about the lozenge pattern still being visible through the paint scheme - that's interesting that you noticed that.

I did more research last night.  I found some photos of other aircraft at McCook Field in similar paint schemes (and in a similar time frame).  Most appeared to carry wing insignias but not all of them.  I found two photos of Fokker D.VII's with wing insignias and one photo of a Fokker V40 that did not have wing insignias.  So . . . some McCook Field aircraft aircraft had wing insignias and some did not.

I'm comfortable with the idea that there were no insignias on the bottom of the D.VIII wings so I will lean towards omitting them from the top wings as well.  Too bad, it would have looked cool.

Anyway, thanks for the help.  I really appreciate it!

Patrick C.
Atlanta, GA

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Hi Patrick,
The two D.VIIIs at McCook I’ve seen mentioned were assigned the Project  Numbers P-165 and P-169, but you probably knew that; the photo Tom Solinski posted a while ago here on the List site looks to me to be of P-169 and doesn’t seem to have any markings on the lower wings. I ran it through Photoshop to see if anything showed up when you manipulated the image but they appear to be a solid color. When you decrease the contrast the vague variations in tone on the fuselage sides become a faintly visible lozenge pattern.

 I also found a pair of photos of a D.VII (P-127) at McCook which had clearly been completely re-doped in a solid color with the same style of tail flash as the D.VIII, and the standard USAAC star insignia on top & bottom wings—-although, oddly, the ones on the undersides had been applied upside down, with a single point pointing aft.

The D.VIII definitely had the same style of rudder flash, blue closest to the fin/white/red with the P-number squeezed into the white band. But no underside stars I could see - or crosses either. Conceivably they might have been applied topside only, which would look cooler than hell IMHO.

Have you tried contacting the USAF Museum? They have Information Circular 288 on the D.VIII’s performance... I doubt it has pictures, but maybe they could track a different photo down showing the top wing? Those shots usually seem to have been taken in pairs from different angles.

Hoping this doesn’t sound long-winded...

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