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Thanks, fellers.
I got up in the middle of the night with a slight headache, and spent some more time searching the googles. Went back to bed convinced silbergrau was
the more likely color, though had also seen pictures of WNW builds showing things RLM02ish, or sky blue. (Yay! More confusion)
Guess I will defer to the WNW painting guide now that I've got it.

Next question: I'm building mine as 8304/17, of which we only have one photo.
WNW suggests a dark (yellow?) band on the nose, indicating possibly a naval sq. They also suggest possibly yellow H-stab/elevators, based on the assumption
of the naval yellow nose. When I look close at the nose, that might be a dark band, but I also think it's possible we're seeing the interior after the metal parts at the nose have been removed.
Yes? No? I'm open to hearing all arguments.
Now to the tailplanes, the remaining stubs don't show anything to indicate a different color. Would the installed stabs wrap around those stubs, or fit inside?
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Sidewalls of the Pfalz D-III cockpit... silbergrau, or wood?
Seeing it modeled both ways, by listeroos.

E, times have changed. Current wisdom is painted a grey/green colour, and whereas that was often interpreted as RLM02-like the likes of WnW think something like Humbrol 90 beige-green (the paint colour formerley known as Sky) will do.

Have a look at http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/v2B590C86/www/products/model_kitsets/32006/online_instructions/32006%20Pfalz%20D.IIIa%20Instructions.pdf , which is the D.IIa manual. Their research is usually as good as anything else.


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