[WWI] Albatros D.I & Halbie D.II Colors - Opinions Sought...

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Mar 29 11:45:28 EDT 2020

There is always the CDL Halbie D.II. I agree on the horizontal green 
stripe. Did a flying one and it looked like crud. Got asked why I built 
so much detail and then gave it a crappy paint job.


On 3/29/2020 11:04 AM, BT wrote:
> Howdy Gang,
> I love discussing the colors of these grainy black and white photos we 
> are all so familiar with.
> Today's goal is to splash paint on the Halbie D.II. I've never 
> subscribed to the horizontal stripe camo across the top wing. To my 
> eye that's just light playing across the top of the airfoil.
> So, It's getting the olive green and rust brown perpendicular camo 
> treatment.
> Since I have paint in the jar I'll splash paint on the lamentable 
> Prince Fredrich Preussen's Albie D.I as well. I have some pistachio 
> green picked out for the fuse. I think it had the olive green & rust 
> brown camo too. I see something in the photos that appears to be lines 
> of demarcation between two colors. I will use the skull logo on a 
> black background. The slacker in me likes the idea of the whole 
> airframe in pale green. But I don't think that's how it really was.
> Any suggestions for color choices? These have been on the SoD for many 
> years. I have long since forgotten which tins I intended on using...
> I have attached examples of what I hope to accomplish today.
> I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Sunday.
> ß!
> Halbie.jpg
> image.png
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