[WWI] Art Scale Kits

Harris Contos hcontos at verizon.net
Sat Mar 28 22:53:53 EDT 2020

I am awaiting my first order from Art Scale, they've got attractive 
prices and a good inventory for my interests.  I think they use a 
low-cost international shipper out of the Netherlands, given the "NL" 
appendage in the tracking no.  Modlehobbies.co.uk, another retailer, 
uses them as well, not the swiftest.  Anyway, my point here is to say 
you might find it advantageous to designate the Czech Koruna (Kč) as the 
currency to pay in, at the top of their home page you can choose between 
that, the Euro, and the USD.  I don't know why it should be, but for the 
heck of it before placing my order initially denominated in USD it came 
to something like $151, and then I reran it in CZK and it came out with 
a dollar equivalent of $133 (I use xe.com for currency conversions) 
which is what appeared on my credit card statement.  Somewhere along the 
line I came across the recommendation always to pay in the native 
currency whenever possible, rather than dollars.  Seemed to work this 
time for me. -Harris

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> Just a request (below) and an early comment on the injected 1/72
> Kovozavody Prostejov kits of the Sopwith Scooter and Swallow:
> I received mine yesterday, ordered through Art Scale Distribution in
> Czech Republic.? Got one of each.? Order to delivery was 3 weeks, not
> bad in an epidemic.? They took PayPal, and the order totaled 23.95 Euro
> including postage.? Packaging was careful and secure.? I would not
> hesitate to do business with them again.

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