[WWI] Scooter/Swallow

Tom Ruprecht ruprecht.tom at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 17:15:59 EDT 2020

Just a request (below) and an early comment on the injected 1/72 
Kovozavody Prostejov kits of the Sopwith Scooter and Swallow:

I received mine yesterday, ordered through Art Scale Distribution in 
Czech Republic.  Got one of each.  Order to delivery was 3 weeks, not 
bad in an epidemic.  They took PayPal, and the order totaled 23.95 Euro 
including postage.  Packaging was careful and secure.  I would not 
hesitate to do business with them again.

As I unfortunately suspected, the kits are identical except for decals, 
which look nice and are inregister.  The Scooter has decals for three 
different times in it's career, and the Swallow for two, ie while being 
built in CDL, then after painted up in PC 10 or 12, I don't know which.  
I have not yet checked details of the instructions, which may have info 
on how to modify one version to the other.

JM Bruce "British Aeroplanes 1914-1918 says that the two had differences 
other than guns.  The Swallow's wings were "slightly greater span and 
area," and was "slightly higher above the fuselage to give the pilot 
access to his guns," without a hump. Cabane struts were longer and 
splayed more from the front than the Scooter.  "The central portion of 
the wing was reinforced, and the ailerons were of a longer span than 
those of the Scooter."

No flash, grey plastic.  The two different engines are present. Two 
different decks in front of the cockpit are provided to allow for guns 
or unarmed.  Guns not as crisply detailed as I would like, but what the 
heck.  That's what spares boxes are for. Interior limited but adequate.  
The rib tapes seem a little heavy but nothing that a little sandpaper 
can't fix if that would make it more accurate.  No PE.  Only one set of 
cabane struts that I can see.  Two props.  Definitely buildable but I 
obviously cannot comment on fit or decal quality.

I will see if I can do a review in Internet Modeler with photos. I have 
already promised a feature on an ot subject and haven't gotten to it...  
Sorry Chris, I am still working my day job!


The request:  Does anybody know if there are any drawings of these two 
types so I can figure out which one needs the surgery? I may actually 
already own such a reference but I would rather build than look through 
them all.  Anything in Windsock?  I have most of them after Vol 10.

Thanks all, Rupe

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