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MIKE VICE jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 26 15:11:56 EDT 2020

After oh, so many years of reading this group's thoughts I'm now incented to submit something relatively simple for the Cook-up, a 1/48 Eduard Alb. D.II ProfiPack.  Why the first time?  Simple!  I'm a charter member of the Sally Winchester School of Modeling: "If I never finish anything, I'll never die."
That said, the kit I found is without decals, so I'll have to get out the compass and make some Eiserne Kreuze or steal some from another kit.  It  also has minimal fuselage markings, including having the serial overpainted.  FYI, if anyone has Heinz Nowarra's Eisernes Kreuz und Balken Kreuz, you'll find on p. 131 a machine from FA 21, flown by Knappe and Scholz.  But the book has no information about the colors, so I need some help.
The upper wings are surely 3-color, but which variant?  (I'm using DSA's monograph from a very old World War I Aero as a reference.)  Because the serial is overpainted it's hard to tell whether the machine is an Alb or an LVG.  Also, the fuselage is solid green but appears lighter than the standard green of green/mauve.  Anyone got an idea?  Lastly, the fuselage also has a wide medium-blue band aft of the cockpit.  The color looks to be about U.S. Intermediate Blue or French Horizon Bleu.  But should I darken the color a bit with a splash of black?  (I'm compounding my own difficulty here by being partially color-blind.  Yikes!)
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Mike Vice
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