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I know of a couple of pictures in the older Fokker Triplane in Action from Squadron.  I seem to recall that one showed it from a distance.  I seem to remember it was rather plain with only the lilac band just behind the cockpit, and that is it.  It should have been secondhand by the time he got it so it may have had a cowling paint job.  There is a photo in Alex Imrie's "The Fokker Triplane" on page 88, but it is after his first flight in a triplane and it is still in Jasta 11 markings that appear to be the normal front end red cowl and struts, with a two-color band around the tail from about 10 inches behind the cockpit rim -- the horizontal surfaces also seem to be two-color, with the darker-photographing one down the center and taking up half the total width.  That aircraft was later flown by Greim and he was not impressed with the engine problems.

Sorry I can't help more.


Like I said in My response I highly doubt that Stark repainted this bird in his Lilac colors. As far as I can tell all of the photos show it as it appeared in Jasta 11. I believe that DSA took an educated guess as to the markings including Lilac before the Jasta 11 photos showed up. That being said who Really knows for sure. One thing is certain. There was a good thread started by Yours Truly on the Aerodrome asking about the original J11 colors. Might be worth looking up. In the end I don't think anyone can Prove You Wrong so this might be a case for Dicta Ira.

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