[WWI] Decals Needed from Hobby Craft 1/32nd Camel Kit #1685.

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 25 13:57:02 EDT 2020

Now that the list is back up to full strength, more or less I have a request. Some of you know I have been working on a WNW 1/32nd Sopwith Camel. As always I have chosen a scheme that was not included. with some help I have painted on the Squadron and personal letter using masks. I am doing the Camel Flown by Henry Woolett of 43 squadron RAF. I have discovered that Hobby Craft did his markings in one of their releases of their 1/32nd Camel, Kit #1685. All I really need is the small Dragon motif for the cockpit sides and serial number if included. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount or have decals to trade. TIA for any assistance,
Rick G.
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