[WWI] The SoD Cookup participants

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Remind me what’s our start and end dates on the SoD ‘event’. 


> On Mar 25, 2020, at 11:48 AM, Steven Perry <sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com> wrote:
> Got it Gabe
> sp
> On 3/25/2020 12:36 PM, Gabriel Limon wrote:
>> Steve, I’m in with an Eduard Sopwith Camel.
>> Gabe
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>> Below are the 18  participants so far and their entries. If I have missed you, (and it is likely, knowing me), Please re-send either to me or the list so I can get you added. Gabe and Randy still haven't declared a subject to be rescued from their Shelves of Doom.
>> Now what I have in mind is a Cookup page where each participant posts before and finished shots of their models along with a short writeup of what it took to finish them. That is certainly not cast in stone and of course it would be with Allan's kind permission. Other ideas? Chime in.
>> sp
>> Steven Perry                                      Spin Ansaldo SPA 5
>> Paul Thompson                 Omega 1/72nd Far. MF 11 on floats, 1/72nd Choroszy Modelbud Italian MF 11
>>  Diego Fernetti                  Renault ft-17, Revell Nie.28
>> Dave Vosburgh                 Toko Snipe, Merlin DH.10
>> Gabriel Limon
>> Eric Gallaud                        Airfix Pup
>> Charlie Duckworth           Flashback Taube, Special Hobby Pfalz E.I
>> Carlos Carreira                   Rareplanes Gotha
>> Randy Dosier
>> Ernest Thomas                  Eduard Pfalz D.III
>> Roger Judd                          Plastique Dermatt Nieuport 28C Merlin Pfalz E.I & AZ Models A.II/E.III.
>> Tim Mixon                          Caproni Ca.III    
>> Bob Pearson                      Airframes Taube
>> Brent Theobld                   Pegasus Halberstadt D.II
>> Brian Nicklas                      Pegasus Junkers Cl.I
>> Tom Ruprecht                   Eduard Nie.23 Dual Combo
>> Rick Geisler                       Eduard Alb D.III
>>  John Ratzenberger         DH.9
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