[WWI] The SoD Cookup participants

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Steve, I’m in with an Eduard Sopwith Camel.

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Below are the 18  participants so far and their entries. If I have missed you, (and it is likely, knowing me), Please re-send either to me or the list so I can get you added. Gabe and Randy still haven't declared a subject to be rescued from their Shelves of Doom.

Now what I have in mind is a Cookup page where each participant posts before and finished shots of their models along with a short writeup of what it took to finish them. That is certainly not cast in stone and of course it would be with Allan's kind permission. Other ideas? Chime in.


Steven Perry                                      Spin Ansaldo SPA 5
Paul Thompson                 Omega 1/72nd Far. MF 11 on floats, 1/72nd Choroszy Modelbud Italian MF 11
 Diego Fernetti                  Renault ft-17, Revell Nie.28
Dave Vosburgh                 Toko Snipe, Merlin DH.10
Gabriel Limon
Eric Gallaud                        Airfix Pup
Charlie Duckworth           Flashback Taube, Special Hobby Pfalz E.I
Carlos Carreira                   Rareplanes Gotha
Randy Dosier
Ernest Thomas                  Eduard Pfalz D.III
Roger Judd                          Plastique Dermatt Nieuport 28C Merlin Pfalz E.I & AZ Models A.II/E.III.
Tim Mixon                          Caproni Ca.III
Bob Pearson                      Airframes Taube
Brent Theobld                   Pegasus Halberstadt D.II
Brian Nicklas                      Pegasus Junkers Cl.I
Tom Ruprecht                   Eduard Nie.23 Dual Combo
Rick Geisler                       Eduard Alb D.III
 John Ratzenberger         DH.9

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