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Matthew Bittner mbittner at cbrnp.com
Tue Mar 24 06:29:26 EDT 2020

Unfortunately while even away from my references, I would have to back 
down from this one. When the divorce came, and the prospect of dating 
again, I tended to stay away from the hobby in general. ;-)

I will have to defer...sorry.


On 3/23/2020 10:29 AM, D. Vosburgh wrote:
> Matt, I know you’re separated from your refs (though fortunately not 
> your fiancée), but I figure you’ll probably know this one off the top 
> of your head. The Eduard instructions for Bucquet’s red machine call 
> for what I remember as the standard 2-color brown/green French camo on 
> the upper surfaces of the wings & tailplanes. But doing some research 
> online last night I see that current thinking (per Alan Toelle’s 
> Windsock articles in the mid-2000s) makes it a *4-color* brown/green 
> scheme. Am I reading this right? I hope so, the 4-color is really pretty.
> dv

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