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I was pretty fortunate to get to spend the morning with Mr Campbell, and then a few months later to hang out with Ray Brooks when he signed my painting of “Smith IV”. Arthur Ray was apologetic, saying he was off his game (not that we could see), as he’d been out with friends until 1AM the night before—at age 94!

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Now that is as primary as a source of information gets.


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Hi Roger, if you’re building Campbell’s N.28 as it was when he got his first victory, you only need the one Vickers. In 1988 I did a painting of the event and took it to CT for him to sign, and he only agreed to do it if I painted the lower (port) MG out; he said the armorers were short of guns at first and he only had the central one mounted that morning.


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Just remembered my N.28 kit came with weird stickers, not decals.
Just managed to nab some Revell decals on eBay for Lt Douglas Campbell's N.28, so it's going to have a black & red cowling.
It also came with only one, very finely molded Vickers machinegun. Have to search my stash for a spare.
I think the Amodel SPAD A2/ A4's had multiple guns included in the kits.
Onward & upwards!
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