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Now that is as primary as a source of information gets.


On 3/23/2020 1:08 PM, D. Vosburgh wrote:
> Hi Roger, if you’re building Campbell’s N.28 as it was when he got his 
> first victory, you only need the one Vickers. In 1988 I did a painting 
> of the event and took it to CT for him to sign, and he only agreed to 
> do it if I painted the lower (port) MG out; he said the armorers were 
> short of guns at first and he only had the central one mounted that 
> morning.
> dv
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> Just remembered my N.28 kit came with weird stickers, not decals.
> Just managed to nab some Revell decals on eBay for Lt Douglas 
> Campbell's N.28, so it's going to have a black & red cowling.
> It also came with only one, very finely molded Vickers machinegun. 
> Have to search my stash for a spare.
> I think the Amodel SPAD A2/ A4's had multiple guns included in the kits.
> Onward & upwards!
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