[WWI] SoD: First Blood

D. Vosburgh dvosburgh at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 23 10:14:28 EDT 2020

So the DH10 is back on the shelf for now because I’d forgotten how freaking *tiny* things are in 1:72. I had 2x eye surgeries in Jan and it turns out they’re still  easily strained even with my Chinese Doc Brown-style magnifying headset. But, I still plan on building them down the line so thanks for the Liberty V-12 links (hei, Knut! thanks as always; likewise Carlos & Tom).

Anyway, I have the Eduard 1:48 N.11/16/17 Esc. N3 double kit which I bought from somebody here on the List 20-plus years ago, and am going to do the Bébé in the red scheme of Louis Bucket—sorry, *Bucquet*—shown on the box; I can basically build it OOB and still end up with a good-looking model.

PS - it seems I also inadvertently documented my first X-Acto wound In many years, as evidenced by the paper towel at right, self-inflicted while rummaging around the tool box looking for the missing wheel. I know it was here last night ...[Image.jpeg]

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