[WWI] SoD Cookup

Paul Thompson flute54 at btinternet.com
Sun Mar 22 17:33:36 EDT 2020


The Pup was our only PC-10 model and it seems to have gone all
psychedelic on us. We sure could use a PC-10 aficionado to jump in here
and keep up standards.


	Then I'll add the Roesplane Elephant I had on the GWSIG table at Telford last year. It's assembled and painted but I couldn't get it done properly in time, so it needs the top wing off, struts reduced by a couple of millimetres, all small details like camera and control horns, and rigging. And maybe remake the undercarriage a bit better.Already painted, mostly PC10 (and yes, Steve, it is the kit you sent me in a previous life.

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