[WWI] Cook-up

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Mar 22 17:12:26 EDT 2020

OK John. Grab Matt while you are leaning there and see if you both can't 
topple onto the right side.


On 3/22/2020 4:30 PM, John Ratzenberger wrote:
> Add me to the fence, but leaning forward.  If I do, no prize is 
> necessary.
> I have two candidates:
> -- WnW DH9 -- major components built, painted, decaled; lower wing 
> w/struts and stab/rudder attached to fuselage.  I have to dig it out 
> but I think next step was to start rigging before erecting the upper 
> wing.
> -- Resicast Holt tractor and 8in howitzer -- both items "built" and 
> rough painted; might be a matter of adding details, ground base, etc - 
> again, have to dig it out.
> My problem I am in 3 online GB right now and rather committed to same, 
> although speed isn't a criteria.  I must pull these two things out and 
> look at them.
> John Ratzenberger
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> Diego, your pics are in your folder
> Randy I have you on the list and a folder created. Same for you Ernie.
> (Yea Team!)
> So the score is now 10 participating and one still on the fence. Matt,
> you read Dave's rule, fondled is started. Now don't try to tell us you
> don't have a fondled Nieuport lurking somewhere.
> sp

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