[WWI] Cook-up

John Ratzenberger john.ratzenberger at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 22 16:30:04 EDT 2020

Add me to the fence, but leaning forward.  If I do, no prize is necessary.

I have two candidates:
-- WnW DH9 -- major components built, painted, decaled; lower wing w/struts 
and stab/rudder attached to fuselage.  I have to dig it out but I think next 
step was to start rigging before erecting the upper wing.
-- Resicast Holt tractor and 8in howitzer -- both items "built" and rough 
painted; might be a matter of adding details, ground base, etc - again, have 
to dig it out.

My problem I am in 3 online GB right now and rather committed to same, 
although speed isn't a criteria.  I must pull these two things out and look 
at them.

John Ratzenberger

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Diego, your pics are in your folder

Randy I have you on the list and a folder created. Same for you Ernie.
(Yea Team!)

So the score is now 10 participating and one still on the fence. Matt,
you read Dave's rule, fondled is started. Now don't try to tell us you
don't have a fondled Nieuport lurking somewhere.


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