[WWI] SoD Cookup

Roger Judd quakelord at aol.com
Sat Mar 21 16:00:01 EDT 2020

I'm up for it. I have 9 unfinished WWI a/c on my Shelf of Doom & some AFVs.However, I have made some progress recently, so some are almost finished.
The worst of the lot is a Plastiques Dermatt Nieuport 28C (cabanes & struts far too long), an AZ Models Pfalz E.III (3 different white paints till' I realised it would have been grey/green)&, worst of all, a Merlin Pfalz E.I (well, it's a Merlin!).
I'll try & finish all 3, as I'm currently at home due to the CV crisis.Although I'm not Shelf Isolating yet! 
I'll take some pics in the morning.
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