[WWI] SoD Cookup

Paul Thompson flute54 at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 21 11:08:59 EDT 2020


     Put me down to complete the Omega 1/72nd Farman MF 11 on floats, 
and the 1/72nd Choroszy Modelbud Italian MF 11 not at all on floats. 
Assuming, that is, we can enter more than one (I really want the 
incentive to clear up some SoD space, as I've got replacement candidates 
I want to park there. And if you do say yes, I'd also want to add an 
Esoterc naval Jenny and a Joystick Beardmore WB.III, both 1/72nd.

     Either way, you may want to consider people putting their photos on 
a hosting site so you only need to set up a page on which they could 
start a thread per subject, write some blurb, and paste in the URL for 
each image. That would be easiest for you, but I can understand if 
participants would be reluctant. Not everyone uses hosting sites, and if 
you're using a paid site (I use Picturetrail, for example) then you soon 
incur extra costs if you use large images.


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