[WWI] SoD Cookup

Chris Banyai-Riepl cbr at cbrnp.com
Sat Mar 21 10:49:37 EDT 2020

Heh, when I first saw the email title, I thought it was going to be a Social Distancing Cookup… 

Unfortunately, my Shelf of Doom is my workbench. My old one was in an open area, and we converted that area into a bar (essentials, you know). The new one is in my office, but everything is still boxed up. If I get that rebuilt in the 2 month period, and I use rigging wires, can I enter it? 😊


From: Steven Perry
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Subject: [WWI] SoD Cookup

So are we going to do a Shelf of Doom Cookup? I have a likely victim 
that has been sitting in it's box well started and still unfinished.

How long do we need 1 month, or 2. I'm in favor of 2. Start date? End Date?

I'm thinking everyone participating should take a photo or two of the 
project as it has stood on the SoD in addition to any progress and 
completed shots they take.

How do we decide who wins. Most votes by Listees?

Who's going to handle the entries? Since I'm running off at the 
keyboard, I'll volunteer to collect and collate the entries, photos and 
write ups. HOWEVER, I will need advice and assistance in getting them 
uploaded and visible to the List. I'm a computer unfriendly user, but I 
can do the drudge work of getting the files prepared for upload.

Once we decide the "Who wins" issue, what about a prize in addition to 
bragging rights? Hoping it will encourage a few fence sitters to 
participate, I will put up a WnW Biff with Brisfish decals and a CSM 
British Gauges PE fret to go to the winner. Feel free to put up a kit 
you are unlikely to build for second or third place.

Also feel free to add any other points you think of or to criticize the 
ones I have made.

So if there is any interest in a SoD Cookup, let's get'er goin'.


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