[WWI] WWI Digest, Vol 196, Issue 14

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Hi! Dave.

Yes!  63 Asci Drive, just in front of the little 'mountain' (1320' high) we called "The Boulders."  Had a great sled run down one side of it.

The house does not look much different, in spite of having 'shrunk' immensely from how I remember it - the maple tree in the front yard has gotten bigger, though.  I'm in Austin, Texas, now, and none of my relatives live in that area anymore, so I don't get up there very often.  Need to make a trip to visit there and touch base with MIT again.

To keep this on topic:  I've been working on mixes to match up with the Aviatic 5-color lozenge I'm using for my Eduard Hannover Cl.IIIa.  Got them really nailed down, I think -- using their "faded aspect" decals and mixing to make the painted fuselage just a hair less faded looking.  My figuring is that the paint would fade slightly slower than the fabric colors.  If there is interest I can post them -- they are in Humbrol paints because that is the brand I feel the most comfortable fooling around with.


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>Mark, did you live on Asci Drive? Or somewhere nearby in the Coltsville area? I remember swapping emails with you about it 20 years ago if so...

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