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Mark, did you live on Asci Drive? Or somewhere nearby in the Coltsville area? I remember swapping emails with you about it 20 years ago if so...


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Just popping up to show that I am still at it.

I use the sewing thread mono-filament -- I can get it in different diameters and now in smoke or 'silver' as well as clear.  Since my SWMBO is a needlecrafter, I have plenty of opportunities to check out the different brands and weights.  The smallest I seem to find is 0.002 (2 thousand) inch.  For some specific uses, I have also taken to un-weaving old nylon stockings, then unraveling the threads to get even finer line.  That is mostly for off-topic aircraft uses, though also for ship rigging.  It is hugely delicate and can be frustrating, but makes for the most realistic aerials on 1/700 ships as long as it is tensioned to prevent the coiling.  You do have to look out when cleaning -- the stuff is no more noticeable that a single spider web strand!

Right now I and my bosses (SWMBO and cats) are sheltering in place to socially distance.  Since I am retired, now, I am not getting any more than my usual amount of free time -- but it seems to go by so fast each day.  Maybe it's time for another nap - I can think as I nap about why there isn't as much time as there should be to get things done.

One note is that I was born and spent most of the first 10 years in Berkshire County, Massachusetts: Pittsfield to be specific.  Always loved it, beautiful views, winter playground, rocks to explore (from 'what type of rock is this in my hand?' to "Don't fall from up there!" sizes -- budding geologist paradise, TREES, fall colors, sledding and go-carting hills....  Of course, helping my father dig his car out to go to work was play, not trudgery.  I miss a lot of it.

. Mark.

> Hi All, I was just poking around looking for info on rigging?something I
> haven?t attempted in 25years?and, intrigued by what I read about EZ Line,
> went to their website to check it out. Turns out he?s located just up at
> the other end of Berkshire County (the U.S.A. one, not the real one, we say
> ?BERK-sheer? in this neck of the woods, not ?BARK-sheer?).
> If I get some, what color(s)/size(s) am I looking for? He has Fine/Heavy,
> in white, black, green, rust, tan, and ?French blue?, which last he
> recommends for a/c.
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