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It has been years since I used clear acrylic to gloss coat a model prior 
to applying decals. The Big, Ugly, highly ot model I am building for a 
buddy has more little stencil decals than you can shake a stick at, so 
the whole airframe needs to be highly glossed to prevent a hundred or so 
little bits of silvered decal material all over it. This is my first use 
of Pledge for this purpose as Future is no longer available as such.

I never noticed Future doing this, but as I sprayed light coats to build 
up a good gloss without creating runs, immediately after carefully 
spraying, the coat looks perfect and then a few minutes the Pledge 
starts to go all milky looking. I start speaking bad words and thinking 
worse. I had just enough self control to walk away. The Postman rescued 
me by delivering a Datafile I had ordered and I went and read that a 
while. When I went back later, the milkiness had cleared up and the coat 
had leveled out just as Future used to do.

Is there anything else about Pledge that is different than Future? Maybe 
I just don't recall Future going milky, but I don't need any more 
surprises on a model that far along.



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