[WWI] Silver Linings?

Karen Rychlewski wanderer at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 17 21:30:19 EDT 2020

Gee, it’s old home week!

SoD Cookup? Sounds great. I have a 1/48 ‘Brisfish’, a 1/48 Nieuport 10 (Russian), two 1/35 Russian armored cars (Mgebrov-Renault and Austin Mark 2), and am putzin’ along scratching the interior of a Meng Schneider. Not to mention the contents of 4 shelving units...

Haven’t really finished much since the Pigeon Bus (did y’all see the ICM box of pigeons? Only about ten years after I needed them).

Had been looking forward to Dayton Wright Con IPMS Regional and AMPS 2020 in Camp Hill PA but looks like neither will happen.


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