[WWI] Silver Linings?

Ernest Thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 17 17:21:19 EDT 2020

There's noting OT on my Shelf of Doom at the moment.
The Novel (something new) Coronavirus Cook-up sounds good to me.
Since this was inspired by the notion of a silver lining, I thought maybe we all build something silver/silbergrau?
Would that allow enough variety of subjects so no one should have to buy any new kits?
Is the suggestion of buying no new kits too heretical?

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We could go with a “Shelf of Doom” COVID Cookup – finish something you have started but it has languished.

Or – go with “New COVID Cookup” and start something NEW when everyone agrees on a start date.

  *   Brian N

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I’d definitely be in favor as long as we can select something already in the stash.

Charlie D.

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Time for a COVID Cookup...?


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Has anyone else noticed as the pandemic gets worse, this group is getting busier?

One of the nasty results of having me away from the daily work responsabilities.

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