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Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Tue Mar 17 13:08:03 EDT 2020

I have not responded until now as for some reason it the last few months I have discovered that (in spite of my efforts) the list postings go into my spam filter.
How did I get here?  Hmm that’s a good question.  Probably looking for anything on the Albatros D.V or D.III and finding a link to the “Cook Up” and from there the other pages including how to get “on list”.
When – oh geez – harder – mid 90s?  When was the “Cook Up” first posted?  It was being actively added to when I joined up I think.  Mid to Late 90s I think.
But “why stay” ?   Well this band of jokers are very welcoming (except the Shanes and Diegos) – see I can joke and they take it fairly well.  I love how we get excited to meet each other at an IPMS show, if it is in some US city or at Telford.  And the “Secret Santa” – wow, the generosity of you  fellows makes me blush – I can only hope what I sent was as welcomed.  And of course I am also delighted when someone happens to pop in to my place of work – and yes, I am very lucky that I work in a place you all very much like to visit!
In any case, no matter if I have met you in person or not – I’m grateful to have you as friends.
Now it is time to go wash my hands again…

  *   Brian

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