[WWI] EZ Line

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
Tue Mar 17 12:15:08 EDT 2020

I think I have four rigs
EZ-Line, Uschi. Tippet and Bobes Hobby House.
And when you look at the gallery you can see all the use I’ve put them to.
(Perhaps I should try to build a model rather than stashing them in a bigger and bigger pile…)

  *   Brian

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Sad to relate, D, there are no theme parks in Adams, Mass, where EZ Line’s world HQ is located (in fact, there’s not much there at all, not since the mills closed forty years ago).

Damn! The world is going to pieces!

But FYI the gent who owns it also has a small company that produces electronic gear for model railroaders which he’s trying to sell, in case any Listee is interested in buying an established business and happens to like train-thingies.

Bet the parks with electric trains are hoarding all the tourists! Bastards!

I’m wondering whether it’s the way to go for 1:72, though, after comments that even the Fine may be too heavy. Last time I rigged a biplane I used a silver-gray thread I got in a fly-fishing shop, which I believe is called tippet. I have the tail-end of the spool, so maybe I’ll take it to Cabela’s an ask them for an equivalent.
Yes, I still have a spool of tippet (or tinsel?) by Orvis, from about 2 decades ago.
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