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Tue Mar 17 12:11:35 EDT 2020


> Sad to relate, D, there are no theme parks in Adams, Mass, where EZ Line’s
> world HQ is located (in fact, there’s not much there at all, not since the
> mills closed forty years ago).

Damn! The world is going to pieces!

> But FYI the gent who owns it also has a small company that produces
> electronic gear for model railroaders which he’s trying to sell, in case
> any Listee is interested in buying an established business and happens to
> like train-thingies.

Bet the parks with electric trains are hoarding all the tourists! Bastards!

> I’m wondering whether it’s the way to go for 1:72, though, after comments
> that even the Fine may be too heavy. Last time I rigged a biplane I used a
> silver-gray thread I got in a fly-fishing shop, which I believe is called
> tippet. I have the tail-end of the spool, so maybe I’ll take it to Cabela’s
> an ask them for an equivalent.
Yes, I still have a spool of tippet (or tinsel?) by Orvis, from about 2
decades ago.
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