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Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Tue Mar 17 11:56:21 EDT 2020

And just what does the New York Gaming Commission have to say about that??


On 3/17/2020 11:06 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> Steve!
> In fact, Vinnie manages the whole park, and several gambling joints in 
> the vicinity of Northern New York.
> D.
> He also can paint houses, and does his own carpentry.
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM Steven Perry 
> <sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com <mailto:sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com>> wrote:
>     Diego
>     If Cousin Vinnie has retired from finger chopping, maybe he could
>     get a job at the EZ Rigging Ride O Fun using his chopper to cut
>     rigging pieces for the tourists.
>     sp
>     On 3/17/2020 10:52 AM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
>>     Dave!
>>     Any chance to visit personally the EZ line headquarters? I can
>>     picture a large industrial plant, several laboratories of
>>     rigging, a test field where modellers are given new products to
>>     conduct rigging in simulated hobby sheds under a variety of
>>     conditions (rainy days, warm days, rigging in the wee hours of
>>     the morning with sleep deprivation, rigging while the missus is
>>     asking for fixing the damn toilet, etc.). It might be interesting
>>     if they have a company museum and see ancient examples of model
>>     rigging with catgut, with wool, with forged steel and with
>>     bakelite strands.
>>     It can be a holiday with family and you can ride the Rigging Ride
>>     O'Fun, where you can rig a biplane for prizes!
>>     D.
>>     Let us know if you get quarantined afterwards.
>>     On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 10:43 AM D. Vosburgh
>>     <dvosburgh at hotmail.com <mailto:dvosburgh at hotmail.com>> wrote:
>>         Hi All, I was just poking around looking for info on
>>         rigging—something I haven’t attempted in 25years—and,
>>         intrigued by what I read about EZ Line, went to their website
>>         to check it out. Turns out he’s located just up at the other
>>         end of Berkshire County (the U.S.A. one, not the real one, we
>>         say “BERK-sheer” in this neck of the woods, not “BARK-sheer”).
>>         If I get some, what color(s)/size(s) am I looking for? He has
>>         Fine/Heavy, in white, black, green, rust, tan, and “French
>>         blue”, which last he recommends for a/c.
>>         dv
>>         ND: first coffee of the day
>>         NL: cat snoring
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