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I use monofilament fishing line. It has a stretch in it too, and at 0.06mm is scale thickness for 1:72. Look for Gamakatsu brand, although there may be others. The only drawback is that it's virtually invisible so you'll have to run it across a permanent marker to colour it.IanSent via the Samsung Galaxy S7, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: Steve Cox <steveoldglebe at gmail.com> Date: 3/14/20  19:01  (GMT+04:00) To: World War I Modeling Mailing List <wwi at wwi-models.org> Subject: Re: [WWI] EZ Line I've used the fine stuff, in black, never seen the blue so can't comment on how that would look. Even the fine looks a bit heavy at 72nd scale sometimes. You can make it thinner ! If you stretch it between your fingertips till it snaps, it frays. You can then pull back the frayed ends as far as you want.My Otto  was done this way:  http://www.wwi-models.org/app/album/Acn.php?base=%2FImages%2FCox%2FCP&hdr=Central+Powers+Aircraft+Model+Images&picInx=45The downside is that it's not round, it has a rectangular cross section, so if you get a twist in a run it shows.Some people have said it can stretch and sag over time, though I've not seen this myself.SteveOn Sat, 14 Mar 2020 at 13:40, D. Vosburgh <dvosburgh at hotmail.com> wrote:

Hi All, I was just poking around looking for info on rigging—something I haven’t attempted in 25years—and, intrigued by what I read about EZ Line, went to their website to check it out. Turns out he’s located just up at the other end of Berkshire County
 (the U.S.A. one, not the real one, we say “BERK-sheer” in this neck of the woods, not “BARK-sheer”).

If I get some, what color(s)/size(s) am I looking for? He has Fine/Heavy, in white, black, green, rust, tan, and “French blue”, which last he recommends for a/c.

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