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I've used the fine stuff, in black, never seen the blue so can't comment on
how that would look. Even the fine looks a bit heavy at 72nd scale
sometimes. You can make it thinner !
If you stretch it between your fingertips till it snaps, it frays. You can
then pull back the frayed ends as far as you want.
My Otto  was done this way:

The downside is that it's not round, it has a rectangular cross section, so
if you get a twist in a run it shows.

Some people have said it can stretch and sag over time, though I've not
seen this myself.


On Sat, 14 Mar 2020 at 13:40, D. Vosburgh <dvosburgh at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All, I was just poking around looking for info on rigging—something I
> haven’t attempted in 25years—and, intrigued by what I read about EZ Line,
> went to their website to check it out. Turns out he’s located just up at
> the other end of Berkshire County (the U.S.A. one, not the real one, we say
> “BERK-sheer” in this neck of the woods, not “BARK-sheer”).
> If I get some, what color(s)/size(s) am I looking for? He has Fine/Heavy,
> in white, black, green, rust, tan, and “French blue”, which last he
> recommends for a/c.
> dv
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