[WWI] EZ Line

D. Vosburgh dvosburgh at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 14 09:40:33 EDT 2020

Hi All, I was just poking around looking for info on rigging—something I haven’t attempted in 25years—and, intrigued by what I read about EZ Line, went to their website to check it out. Turns out he’s located just up at the other end of Berkshire County (the U.S.A. one, not the real one, we say “BERK-sheer” in this neck of the woods, not “BARK-sheer”).

If I get some, what color(s)/size(s) am I looking for? He has Fine/Heavy, in white, black, green, rust, tan, and “French blue”, which last he recommends for a/c.

ND: first coffee of the day
NL: cat snoring

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