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     I would love to take credit on getting you a "List" Button, but it was NOT me for I have never made to Telford.  Perhaps it was Lance Krieg or Tom "Doc" Morgan.  Hell, it may have been Dame Karen Rychlewski!  Anyway it is ALL good.  For the ones on this "List" that I have never met in person I feel like I would know you anywhere if we did encounter each other!  After all we've been communicating with other off and on for 20+ years!
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I have a mailing list button, got it at Telford, and it’s quite possible I got it from you! I think I met you at one of the Telford get-togethers. What fun they were.
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Diego is an instigator and I want to thank him for starting this "Topic".  I believe I first encountered "The List" sometime around 1998 or 1999 after I was transferred from the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY CV-67.  I was heavily into WW1 1/72 scale modeling and I found this site on the "web".  I loved all the photos in the gallery that were posted and many of them were very inspirational to me.  It wasn't until after I had retired from the NAVY that physically joined "The List".  That was around 2001 or 2002.  Then the emails came along with the "characters" behind them.  I've got to meet many of them in person.  Ernest Thomas was easy since he was from my hometown of New Orleans and I would travel to there from time to time.  I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!  Ernie is NOT "The Anti-Christ"!  He is the "Heretic"!  Let's get that correct!  The majority of the members that I had personally met was in 2005 when the IPMS USA NATS was held in my current hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  Andy Roberts and I basically had a section (table) in the Model Display Area to host the WW1 MODELING MAILING LIST.  I think for the most part it was successful.  I know Dame Karen took many photos and they are still accessible in the Photo Archive of "The List".  Great Times!  Yes, times have changed as far as what this format for modeling forums was all about, but it grew into the likes of the current social media outlets.  However, with the friends that I got acquainted with on "The List" have pretty much followed me.....or maybe I followed them to these other sites!  Alan Wright, thank you for keeping "The List" alive and available!  By the way I still have a few of the WW1 Modeling Mailing List "Buttons" that John Huggins used to sell or give out!  Who else has some of those?
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Oh my, has it really been over 20 years? 
I stumbled across the page trying to find info on a SPAD, I somehow hit an article on the SPAD 12 here in the files some where.
I loved having all of the folks who attended the 2000 IPMS nats in OKC over to my home.
Now back to deep lurk, AMS, non building mode

Tom S
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Now I'm a bit confused. I'm almost certain I was here before my daughter turned 2, in January of '97. 
But Bob Perason says he came along in '97, and I'm fairly certain he was already here when I showed up. 
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