[WWI] “Mojo motivater”

Paul Thompson flute54 at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 12 06:45:42 EDT 2020


I bet the newish KP (sorry, not AZ, but the same company - that
organization also sent their newish Kingfisher for review as well)
Albatros C.III will be in that realm, too. It looks really nice in the
bag and I soon hope to have an in-box on IM. Oh, and it contains the
Dragodile markings!!


Funny. I just dual built (as Mojo Motivator) an Airfix and an AZ Kingfisher (the latter in the yellow-ish Australian Antarctic expedition scheme). Both nice kits, worlds apart. To make up for my sins, and keep this OT, last month I finished a Choroszy Modelbud Caudron G.III, started for the 1915 group build over at GWSIG.


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