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I don't really remember when, probably around 1998.
I found the List during my search for Albatros C.III Dragodile marking. 
And this is the first model that I added to the gallery.

All the best,

Le 11/03/2020 à 23:58, Joseph Pezold a écrit :
> Diego is an instigator and I want to thank him for starting this 
> "Topic".  I believe I first encountered "The List" sometime around 
> 1998 or 1999 after I was transferred from the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY 
> CV-67.  I was heavily into WW1 1/72 scale modeling and I found this 
> site on the "web".  I loved all the photos in the gallery that were 
> posted and many of them were very inspirational to me.  It wasn't 
> until after I had retired from the NAVY that physically joined "The 
> List".  That was around 2001 or 2002.  Then the emails came along with 
> the "characters" behind them.  I've got to meet many of them in 
> person.  Ernest Thomas was easy since he was from my hometown of New 
> Orleans and I would travel to there from time to time.  I HAVE AN 
> ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!  Ernie is NOT "The Anti-Christ"!  He is the 
> "Heretic"!  Let's get that correct! The majority of the members that I 
> had personally met was in 2005 when the IPMS USA NATS was held in my 
> current hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  Andy Roberts and I basically 
> had a section (table) in the Model Display Area to host the WW1 
> MODELING MAILING LIST.  I think for the most part it was successful.  
> I know Dame Karen took many photos and they are still accessible in 
> the Photo Archive of "The List".  Great Times!  Yes, times have 
> changed as far as what this format for modeling forums was all about, 
> but it grew into the likes of the current social media outlets.  
> However, with the friends that I got acquainted with on "The List" 
> have pretty much followed me.....or maybe I followed them to these 
> other sites!  Alan Wright, thank you for keeping "The List" alive and 
> available!  By the way I still have a few of the WW1 Modeling Mailing 
> List "Buttons" that John Huggins used to sell or give out!  Who else 
> has some of those?
> Buz
> On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 05:39:53 PM EDT, Thomas Solinski 
> <dr-i.417.17 at cox.net> wrote:
> Oh my, has it really been over 20 years?
> I stumbled across the page trying to find info on a SPAD, I somehow 
> hit an article on the SPAD 12 here in the files some where.
> I loved having all of the folks who attended the 2000 IPMS nats in OKC 
> over to my home.
> Now back to deep lurk, AMS, non building mode
> Tom S
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> Now I'm a bit confused. I'm almost certain I was here before my 
> daughter turned 2, in January of '97.
> But Bob Perason says he came along in '97, and I'm fairly certain he 
> was already here when I showed up.
> E.
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> our Ancestral Gods
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