[WWI] How & When

Michael McMurtrey mcmurtreyjames at twc.com
Tue Mar 10 21:29:53 EDT 2020

I can't remember exactly when I joined but I think it was around 2005  
when I went to work for Squadron as book editor. I joined mainly to  
keep abreast of WW I modeling trends that might have suggested new  
book topics. I've been a lurker ever since, as I do enjoy seeing the  
work of active modeler members of this list. I own exactly two WW I  
aircraft kits: Airfix's Handley Page O-400 and Contrail's Blackburn  

Michael McMurtrey
IPMS-USA #1746
IPMS-Canada #1426
AAHS #15426
CAHS #5646
Carrollton, TX

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