[WWI] How & When

John Cyganowski janah at att.net
Tue Mar 10 16:33:12 EDT 2020

Wow so many memories.  Apparently I was a late comer - the earliest posts I can find from me are from 1997.  It is hard to remember exactly when I joined the list. What I remember is the most interesting posts and the knowledge that was so freely shared on the lists. The galleries are just fantastic with all of the great models.

I traveled a lot for work in those days and this was how I got to meet many of the members of the list; Robert Karr, Rory Goodwin,  Merriville(?) and Brad Gossen,  Sharon and Michael Alvarado, Sharon Henderson and a few of you that I am forgetting - please forgive me.  

And in what could be characterized as "When Worlds Collide" I got to hang out with Dave Zulis, Bob Pearson, Steve Perry, Ernie Thomas and Diego Fernetti at the 1998 OTF in Pensacola!  How about that for a weekend! I mostly lurk now, but every now and again fortune takes me to LA and I stay up late with Cia and Robert Karr. It is really great to see that so many of you are still here and posting.

Best Regards
John Cyg

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