[WWI] What’s the weather in a beard?

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I found it via a model site where Shane built an entire 48 scale Bristol f2b (or, for then many, not to be, until ErrorClub - even Big Head had not yet done a Biff). In fact, all of us on the list speculated that the best way to detect a yet unreleased new kit was to see what Shane was scratch building. In the article he wrote, he either included his email (“Donations to my asylum can be made to:”) or gave this list a mention. But, I think I followed his contact info to say I’m Not Worthy (which, I’m not and more often, a disgrace) and he was not a stuffy academic or a tiny brained wiper of other people’s bottoms, so, I stuck around on list, content that it was perhaps the oddest group of people I’d ever met but wall to wall with brilliant modelers who cheerfully helped others. You warned me it was like a gentleman’s club but not lethal, just a few missing teeth and perhaps a spanking at the grail castle.
This is the best goddamn list online for usually quickly finding helpful advise from a wonderful variety of people from all over the world.

O what's the weather in a Beard? 
It's windy there, and rather Weier.
And when you think the sky has cleared 
— Why, there is Dirty Dinky. 

Suppose you walk out in a Storm, 
With nothing on to keep you warm, 
And then step barefoot on a Worm 
— Of course, it's Dirty Dinky. 

As I was crossing a hot hot Plain, 
I saw a sight that caused me pain, 
You asked me before, I'll tell you again: 
— It looked like Dirty Dinky. 

Last night you lay a-sleeping? No! 
The room was thirty-five below; 
The sheets and blankets turned to snow. 
— He'd got in: Dirty Dinky. 

You'd better watch the things you do. 
You'd better watch the things you do. 
You're part of him; he's part of you 
— You may be Dirty Dinky.

These are all model references. The sole purpose of including this was to say:
It’s windy there and rather Weier.

Ken9, blaming Shane for Everything.
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