[WWI] How and when

Matt Bittner mbittner at cbrnp.com
Tue Mar 10 09:16:22 EDT 2020

I have no idea when I first started. I believe IM started in 1998 so it 
was sometime before that. Unfortunately my on-topic modeling has 
seriously waned. The past two years - with so many life changes and 
family affairs; lots and lots of changes, loss and and an acquisition  - 
have been extremely rough, especially in terms of the hobby, but I'm 
slowly coming back. Not with anything on-topic, I'm working on other 
stuff to get my mojo back. Not only have I delved into the dark side, 
but I've also been mostly modeling in 1/144. I have one 1/72 'tweener 
I'll finish before I start on something for the Omaha Nats, I think in 
2022. Not sure what it will be, though. I do have an AZ Albatros C.III 
that was sent for review, so just maybe. But I would also like to work 
on something French. Maybe finish something that's been in-progress for 
eons. MoS Type AC? Strutter (although I have never found an underside 
pic)? I have an Eduard D.V really close to finishing; maybe that? Who 
knows. Sigh...


On 3/9/2020 2:30 PM, Diego Fernetti wrote:
> Thanks to a few offlist messages today, I thought that the WW1 
> Modelling website and its mailing list are the oldest habits I keep 
> while navigating the internet.
> Since I started visiting the website, the connection to the digital 
> world has changed a lot, as we all know it too well.
> Early on, hooking up into the net meant a quite defined purpose in 
> mind even before the "scream of a thousand robots" on the phone line 
> meant we were ready to surf. I learned of the WW1 modelling website by 
> a link PRINTED in a bloody magazine page! I duly followed the arcane 
> words (curses?) and after a series of loading backgrounds, links and 
> whatnot I finally could see the index page, sprinkled with little 
> Albatrosen. Opening a single image in the Gallery meant a lot of 
> patience with my slow internet connection of 1996! And of course, the 
> mailing list archives.... what was that? Who were Sandy Adam, Lee 
> Mensinger and John Impenna? What kind of creature was a Weier? It took 
> me more than a year of learning the ropes to actually subscribe to the 
> mailing list, which meant an average of 80 daily emails on my inbox!
> So, how did you discovered this website and the mailing list? And when 
> was that?
> D.
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