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Not sure when I joined the list but I love WW I models and have my basic collection.  I was a member when Dame Karen organized a get-together at one of the IPMS Nationals.  Good people.  Still building and looking for the latest info from the Web Site.


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What a nice walk through old times!!

As did many others, I signed up sometime in the mid 90’s. At the time, the only other WWI biplane modelers I knew of were Andre Koribanics and Tim Swisher, with whom I would butt heads (and models) at Barry of Rosemont’s shows in eastern Pennsylvania. I would rush home from teaching sculpture and ceramics to see what “the boys” were talking about on “the list”. And my oh my, what an assortment of goofy and wonderful people I got to know! Diego and his finger chopper; the Masked Bittner; Ernie the Heretic; Shane the Younger (and the Older); Gaston the Impolitic; Sanjeev; Lance; Doc Tom; and innumerable others.

I eventually met a whole bunch of these “wingnuts” in the flesh on four continents: first at the Chicago IPMS Nats 2001, then a gaggle of Brits, Scots, and Greeks at Telford 2004 and a phalanx of Belgians, Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks the same year, followed by the Antipodians in Buenos Aires and Brisbane...and so many others in various places. I treasure all the memories.

Thanks, guys

Dame Karen

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