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Charlie Duckworth omahaduck at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 17:34:28 EDT 2020

Diego mentioned Sandy Adam in his post and I remembered my wife and I made a trip to England, Scotland and Wales and I emailed Sandy that we’d be in his country.  Sandy invited us to his home and I got to see his beautiful WWI models.  http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Adam/index.html <http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Adam/index.html>

I also met Dr. Tom Morgan at an IMPS national meet here in Omaha a few years ago.  Another wonderful modeler.
http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Morgan/index.html <http://www.wwi-models.org/Images/Morgan/index.html>

These guys certainly raised to bar for me being an OOB builder.

Charlie Duckworth

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